There Is a Train (and a platform at either end)

by The Duke of Norfolk

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Every story has three parts; like the arc drawn on the elementary school chalkboard—beginning, middle, and end. The birth, life, and death. The train and the bookending platforms.


released January 5, 2016

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Adam Howard. Additional vocals on 'Scotland Keep Me Brave' performed by Claire Laurenson and Roseanne Watt and violin performed by Natalia Brodaczewska.


all rights reserved



The Duke of Norfolk Portland, Oregon

The Duke of Norfolk is a peripatetic singer/songwriter from Oklahoma.

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Track Name: Scotland Keep Me Brave
oh, I don't know where to go.
The road, it leads me farther from home.
Still I know I'm not on my own,
But how to leave the place I was born?

Leave, but leave some self behind
And look to it for them who've been kind.
A stone to mark the path pointing west
To guide you back when God bid thee rest.

Scotland keep me brave and bold.
I know that soon I'll start feeling old.
Sure, I know I'm not what I thought,
To win the war the battle was lost.
Track Name: An Anarchist & An Architect
Of the flow'rs the gard’ner sows,
the stateliest of all the rose.
and others, to the gard’ner weeds.
But prettiest of all of these,
The dandelion strives to grow
to find himself beside the rose.

The apple to remind us all,
Every autumn, of the fall.
And 60 beads upon a string
The toll required to make me clean.
Well you may be the rosary,
but I am Adam underneath the tree

And, as I grasp the fruit, I hear my children weep

I will sing the mourning song
if the morning birds would sing along
and I would walk the path with thee
if the wounded beast would let me be

well I may be an anarchist
I lob my words with tightened fists
but poetry is truly found
with chaos six feet underground
Well you may be the architect
to build the walls that I tear down

oh, and steady my hands before they call the hounds

I will sing the morning song
if the mourning birds would sing along
and would you walk the path with me
before the beast doth let me be
And then we’ll grant him peace
Track Name: An Evening In the Garden
You saw the fall when I clipped my wings
I had it all when I wasn't running

See I was tending towards decay
when you took me in your shelter.
When you asked if I would stay
for you said that I was welcome

But still I went away, a heart so full of longing.
A word to fell dismay buried in my belly.

There's a forest in your eyes
There's an ocean in your language
And it's swelling like my pride
It is deep and it is dangerous

You saw the fall when I clipped my wings
I had it all when I wasn't running

Still I went away, my lungs so nearly empty.
The fire in my veins coursing through my body

See I was tending towards decay!

If you offered me your hand
I would name you as athena
Like a goddess you would stand
and on earth would be no equal

You saw the fall when I clipped my wings
I had it all when I wasn't running.

But I'm always running